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Rizzini factory visit – gallery

Fifty years have passed since Rizzini opened his gun production plant. On this occasion Battista Rizzini, founder of the factory hosted ShootingPress’s staff to see with our own eyes their job in last half-century and the fantastic technological background and the expertise that has leaded to Rizzini’s rizing outstanding from grayness off the mass production.

Marcheno is located in northern Italy. The valley nestled fabulous little town is crossed by the Mella river, among others this is also a reason why many weapons factories has chosen this settlement as their seat, as the water could be used for cooling in metallurgies, in addition, a very significant part of the necessary iron ore is mined in this area.

During the two-day process of shooting, we followed each step of arms industry with the introduction of high-quality materials and we have seen that in the almost fully mechanized complex there still are certain features that needs professionals until today. It was fascinating, how they take measurements from the shooters when an individual sport weapon is ordered, so the inaugurated hands carves out the perfect shape from a piece of wood, meanwhile a roomful of CNC makes the gun-stocks for the classic models with thousandth millimeter precision. It was uplifting to see that in the era of laser measuring instruments, an indeterminate age professional whose eyes are his real instruments, still uses the candle flame to verify the precise locking. Also touching to see that the motifs reflect the meticulous engraving what takes long days, weeks or even months. That each employee of the factory knows exactly the whole process, while outstanding in their field of knowledge. This is a combination of people and technology, which has a centuries-old tradition, amazingly deep roots where machines serve the engineers, but do not take over the management, where device helps the engineer, and not vice versa. Battista Rizzini does not leave those principles, which were laid fifty years ago, and insists that it remain so, and we can only hope that this magnificent merger between tradition and technology will remain for posterity. We wish you happy birthday, Rizzini!

We will be back soon with a video as well about our visit to Rizzini’s weapon factory. The official Hungarian importer of Rizzini weapons is Jape Hunting Ammunition Retail and Wholesale Ltd.

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