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Red deer hunting in Slovakia

Betliar… a small, but friendly town only a couple of km distant from the castle of Krasznahorka. Here you can find the Castle of Andrássy and the beautiful park around it, which is one of Slovakia’s hidden monuments. The Castle itself (with the incredible trophy collection, in it) is a gem of the touristic maps, all the 365 days of the year, but the annual held “fox hunt” is the most waited attraction of the year, which always attracts hundreds of tourists. Despite the colorful programs, and the fame of the local landmarks only little-known that the formal Andrássy-lordship includes an enormous 1700 acre large game preserve, which maintained by the State Forestry. The staff of the SHOOTINGPRESS have been visited Betliar many times in the recent years. This quick review offers a little taste of it!

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