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Handgun National Championship in Salgótarján

The Salgótarján shooting range hosts this year’s IPSC shooting championship on 30 September, 2017. 3rd Agria Cup appears in the competition calendar as national handgun championship. June’s Salgótarján event was very popular, since the organisers did their best for the high standard of the event, so the competitors of Hungarian IPSC (a dynamic branch of shooting) are looking forward to the last weekend of September with huge expectations.

3rd Agria Cup / National IPSC Championship 2017
Salgótarján / 30 September, 2017
Level 3 / IPSC – handgun
12 stages
200 shots

So do the competitors of ST IPSC SE. The team takes part in the competition with three shooters in two divisions. László Pribilla (production), Krisztián Tímár (standard) and Olivér Sólyom (standard) await the challenges of the national championship with great determination. The members of the team have taken part in more than thirty competitions across Europe this year, and that also means that they are prepared for their home competition.

Of course, they can’t count on only this when darting upon the Salgótarján fight. Each of the shooters do the preparation and get ready for the event on their own, in their own way, according to their possibilities. Since it’s really short time left until the competition, the question to the shooters of ST IPSC is evident: How are they preparing?

László Pribilla: “I am excited about this year’s national championship, the Agria Cup. I like to shoot with the best, I learn a lot from them, and I get a clear guiding to be able to be among the best myself. This competition has all the potential for a good atmosphere, the rest is up to me. I arranged my physical and mental preparation at an altitude of 3600 m above sea level. We’ll see, what the ‘dry’ training with yetis is enough for.”

Krisztián Tímár: “This year this will be my first Agria Cup, in the previous one I couldn’t take part due to the rifle world championship in Moscow. After a pause of almost two months, the national championship will be my first big competition. Unfortunately, I was able to train several times only, so I am very excited about the match. I return to the previous tried and tested ammunition, and I hope that this way a good performance won’t be hindered by any technical obstacles. I have confidence in myself, the team, and of course also in the organisers that we can open the autumn season with a high-standard competition.”

Olivér Sólyom: “I really liked the previous Agria Cups. I expect that this match won’t be a walk in the park, because all the finest of the shooters entered. For this reason, I started my preparation with going through the basics again. With my master, we decided to return to the basics, and start with correcting my mistakes. I go to the shooting range two-three times a week, and at least two times per day I teach my muscle memory the main movements. My mental preparation is a simple brain game in the calmness and coolness sphere of thought, sometimes I even fall asleep during it. So, I have a lot to do.”

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