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GLOB-Z non-lethal home defense device

The Globserver Strategic and Defense Research Development Ltd. recently introduced a new home defense device, which is based on a 18mm (in diameter) rubberized slug shooter, over & under barreled shotgun. Because of the strict Hungarian law, (the firearm permit, especially for self defense is almost impossible to apply), the firearm cartridge is separated, so the projectile (18 mm rubber ball) is muzzle-loaded, while the propellant charge (.380 blank ammunition) is breech-loaded. This shotgun-like self/home defense device has two separated hammers and triggers for each barrel.

It comes in a pistol grip only stock and a short barrel combination (approx. barrel length: 35 cm), or a standard stock and longer barrel combination (approx. barrel length: 55 cm). The shorter barrel capable for 90-120 Joule muzzle energy, while the longer barrel is about 100-130 Joule.

Our test GLOB-Z non-lethal home defense device is provided by the Tactical Ltd.

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  1. Keith Lawrence

    where can i purchase this product?

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