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EEO 2017 – Ultra extreme battle

Extreme Euro Open IPSC handgun competition was organised for the 9th time this year in Hodonice, Czech Republic, with ST IPSC represented by three participants. The seriousness of the competition is reflected in the fact that seven hours after the opening of the entries the maximum number was reached, and in another hour, it was exceeded by 200 entries. Finally, 1129 participants from 46 countries had themselves registered and 770 of those also appeared at the competition.

The 30 stages spread over three days were designed by the organisers in a way that any of them could cause a headache for any of the competitors. The targets were pretty far from each other, and moreover, in almost every stage there were moving or flip-up targets. The aim of the stage clearly was to sort out the field and so to get a clearer picture about the professional preparedness of the shooters.

Due to this, the competitors of ST IPSC also had difficult and disappointing days. From the three of them, László Pribilla (production) tackled the problems the most handily, due to his nerves of steel. Krisztián Tímár (standard) and Olivér Sólyom (standard) performed somewhat tenser exercises pied with gun problems.

László Pribilla: “The difficulty and complexity of the tasks absolutely reflected the extremely high level of the competition. I learned a lot in this competition, I am happy that I could be there and shot with the best in the world. My gun worked perfectly, and this makes me happy, too, because the result clearly shows where’s my place in the production division. I’s like to express my appreciation and say thanks to the organisers!”

Krisztián Tímár: “From the beginning, the result didn’t count for me, I wanted to gain experience and learn. As we proceeded, the result became even less important for me, I only wanted to survive the professionally built stages. I really liked the competition, it was a big fun, for sure I’m going to participate in the 2018 event.”

Olivér Sólyom: “My first shoot in the first stage of the first day was a MISS. Then I repeated this in almost all stages of all three days. This was an extremely hard competition, on the second day I was close to lose my temper. At about the middle of the day, when my gun broke down, it started to clatter, the firing needle didn’t reach the cap of the ammunition, so in that stage I had 3 or 4 MISSes. I was quite disappointed. For the next day, I had to bring out the spare gun, and I coped with the tasks of the last day with that. I can’t say it was a “sprinkler” competition. I sweated my guts out, but I came off the last stage light-heartedly. Extreme Euro Open lived up to its name, moreover, it was rather ultra-extreme.”


László Pribilla – production – 109th place / 323 (62,96%)

Olivér Sólyom – standard – 130th place/ 219 (45,37%)

Krisztián Tímár – standard – 194th place / 219 (27,17%)


ST IPSC SE videó: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo9VzBmBjJM

Sponsors of ST IPSC SE: Ajándék Varázsló, By Tomorrow, KarcherKiss.hu, Árbár, P.O. Autó

Media Partners of ST IPSC SE: Shooting Press, Presztízs Sport

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