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5.11 Tactical CAVU – direct impact torture test

5.11 Tactical CAVU sunglasses combine superior vision enhancement, maximum glare reduction, and unbeatable ballistic protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a modern and stylish aesthetic. A lens retention test is conducted via a “high mass” impact. A pointed 500 gm (1.1 lb) projectile is dropped 50 inches onto the complete protector mounted on a headform. No pieces can break free from the inside of the protector, the lens cannot fracture, and the lens must remain in the frame or product housing. A high velocity test is conducted, at 20 specified impact points, where the projectile is a 1/4 inch steel ball traveling at specific speeds depending upon the type of protector. For spectacles, the velocity is 150 ft/sec or 102 mph. The pass/fail criteria are the same as for the high mass test, plus no contact with the eye of the headform is permitted through deflection of the lens. At GUNMAGAZIN we all have the same sunglasses, so we carried out a special Halloween torture test. 😉

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